If you’re thinking of installing new floors in your Cape Cod home, you’ve probably considered hardwood floors. Here at Floor Coverings International of Cape Cod we want homeowners in Cape Cod, Plymouth, Barnstable, Falmouth to have the perfect flooring for their tastes and needs. To help you understand if hardwood is the best choice for you, we’ve broken down the key attributes of hardwood flooring below.

Classic Styleclassic hardwood floor cape cod

There’s a reason why hardwood floors have been used for centuries. The stunning look of hardwood floors is one of the many reasons why many Cape Cod homeowners opt to have them installed in their home. A light hardwood floor, like maple, can give your home a light and airy beach feel. A plank hardwood floor can give your home the aesthetic of a classic Colonial Revival home.

If your home doesn’t have a distinct style, hardwood floors are still an amazing option. A hardwood floor is incredibly versatile and can be re-stained and refinished years down the line. If your style morphs, your floors can change with it.

Extremely Durable

Hardwood floors are tough and able to easily withstand the everyday wear and tear of life. Every species of wood is ranked on the Janka Hardness Scale as a way to determine the strength of the wood. Generally speaking, harder wood is more durable than softer wood. White oak, rated 1360, or hard maple, rated 1450, are both great choices for domestic wood. Our experts at Floor Coverings International of Cape Cod can help you understand what wood is best for your durability needs.

cleaning hardwood flooring cape cod Simple Maintenance

The easy maintenance of hardwood floors makes it ideal for busy families on the go. Dust and dirt don’t gather on the surface of hardwood floor, so regular sweeping is all you need to keep your floors clean The cleanliness of hardwood floors can increase the air quality in your home. Dust, animal hair, and other allergens cannot get trapped in the surface of the wood. If your home has allergy-suffers, hardwood floor offers some major benefits.

Added Value

With a thriving Cape Cod real estate market, it’s important to think about your home’s value, even if you’re not planning on selling it. Without a doubt, hardwood floors are a great long-term investment. While laminate flooring can look similar to hardwood, potential buyers aren’t as drawn to it. Although wood floors may initially cost more, the value over time is remarkable. Even if you decide to sell your home years in the future, you’ll appreciate the floor’s added value. 

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